how we operate

With curiosity, precision and our collective intelligence, we are a source of inspiration and have an inspiring effect on the audience, organizers and musicians. Without institutional constraints and free of geographical limitations, swelll realizes productions with a tailor-made orchestra.

Due to the global presence of swelll musicians, formations can be put together modularly, worldwide and free of the usual corset of professional orchestras. For the ideal instrumentation, travel routes are also taken into account in order to optimize ecological and economic factors.

Concert halls, theatres, festivals and educational institutions act as co-producers. After 12 years as director of the Lucerne Festival Academy, Dominik Deuber can rely on his countless close contacts with musicians, artistic partners and foundations, which have already clearly signalled that they support the spirit of swelll. Thanks to these factors, swelll will quickly establish itself as a hub for the worldwide realisation of productions with the best artists of contemporary music.

our felllows

swelll represents the musician type of the 21st century: culturally flexible, innovative, cooperative, dynamic and with an awareness of sustainability.
Our musicians – the swelll-fellows – have in common that they are outstanding, but also additionally trained and experienced in the field of contemporary music. And they all have an interest in current music and its forms of presentation.
Besides this common ground, their life plans, career ideas and areas of expertise diverge in all possible directions. This diversity is central to swelll. Today, employment in a professional orchestra is only one of many alternative career options. Due to the rapid changes in the traditional wage employment relationship, dealing with independence from fixed structures is not only becoming more popular but also more respected and essential.