Despite our ongoing conviction of the importance and relevance of our visions for Swelll, we are compelled to put our efforts on hold due to other commitments.

Nevertheless, we will preserve the spirit, the ideas, and our unwavering passion to make our contribution. We aspire to incorporate numerous ideas that have been brought together through Swelll into our future projects and endeavors.

See you soon, dear ones, and let us hear from you!

Dominik, Martin & Lea.

swelll is

the classical music world’s most important transition into topicality

a worldwide community of top-notch and like-minded artists

the emergence of lighthouse projects driven by modularity

actually contemporary

swelll is THE hub for musical initiatives.

We invent, plan and realize musical productions. Together with venues swelll creates something new. From concert halls to festivals, and all over the world. We think music in all forms and formats, ignoring boundaries that do not exist anyway.


swelll consists of a huge, worldwide network, a rhizome of outstanding instrumentalists, composers, conductors, venues and other partners. We are maximally mobile; a sound system without a fixed instrumentation. We always put together a new cast for each specific project, while taking geographical factors into account.

  • "swelll is SO cool and 100% topical."

    Jean Laurenz

    Trumpet Player

  • "...this truly resonates with my values, which are becoming the new norm."

    Mélanie Genin


  • "swelll is poised to ruffle some feathers, in a good way!"

    Erik Ásgeirsson


  • "There’s no doubt that swelll will strengthen the bond of this community..."

    Sae Hashimoto


  • "Their team is scratching the surface of a solution that has been dormant for far too long in the music industry."

    Ross Karre

    Percussion, Media Art

  • "’s a matter of survival that we as musicians adapt to the times we live in."

    Kathryn Schulmeister


  • "...swelll is the answer to the urgent need to innovative music making..."

    Winnie Huang

    Violinist, Violist

  • "In these uncertain times, we need voices who will uplift the music community..."

    Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti

    Composer, Violinist and Curator

  • "swelll's program and inclusive sweep looks like the next chapter..."

    Doug Balliett


  • "swelll is prepared to take one step further..."

    Angus Lee

    Flautist, Composer, Conductor

  • "The cultural and artistic values represented by swelll are among the most essential..."

    Marco Fusi


  • „swelll uncompromisingly combines cultural significance and leadership with the most cutting edge virtuosos and performers in music and art today.“

    Sam Jones

    Trumpet player

  • "As we continue to preserve tradition, we should also feel the responsibility of leading forward with new music."

    Saerom Kim


  • "Now more than ever..."

    Rachel Koblyakov


  • "...swelll can adapt to venues, locales, audiences and the individual goals and requirements of every work we perform..."

    Jared Soldiviero


  • "What must survive is art."

    Herbert Fritsch

    Director of Drama and Opera

  • "swelll provides a place to enrich the lives of audiences and artists."

    Hidetaka Nakagawa


swelll emerges from the vision of expanding the classical music business with new and not yet existing possibilities and formats.
By compiling and networking different aspects of cultural life, swelll becomes a real, important and influential source of inspiration in the current classical music market and what it will become.

what we do:


we realize productions with key works of classical music of the 20th and 21st centuries.


we implement transdisciplinary productions without artistic compromises


we create staged concerts and musical drama productions with the integration of the musicians as scenic components


we offer educational formats for musicians and an interested

swelll with us!